Bringing mackerel to the world

Norwegian mackerel is firm, delicious and packed full of essential nutrients, such as omega-3. With a fresh, rich taste in every bite, it’s no wonder that mackerel from Norway has become popular the world over. 

World map showing important export markets for Norwegian mackerel

We export mackerel to countries across the planet, but the largest of our export markets is Asia, specifically Japan. It’s a relationship that spans three decades and demonstrates the exceptional flavour of Norwegian mackerel.

In the 1980s, due to overfishing, there was a shortage of locally caught mackerel in Japan. Norwegian mackerel was imported as a substitute and the rest is history. Fast forward to the present day, and even though the Japanese fishermen catch more mackerel than their Norwegian counterparts, the demand remains high. In fact, Japan imports 100,000 tonnes of Norwegian mackerel per year.

Fishing is my hobby. I go fishing for mackerel, too. It´s flavor is heavily affected by how it is processed after it’s caught. Norwegian mackerel is the same mackerel like I regularly catch, and yet it’s entirely different. I have the impression that Norwegian salted mackerel is a unique ingredient unto itself. Because Norwegian salted mackerel is so versatile, menu ideas and options seem endless.
Head Chef Kazuhiro Kageyama, Japan

Head Chef Kazuhiro Kageyama, Japan

Part of a thriving economy

With around 500 seafood exporters and more than 2000 products distributed in over 130 countries, Norway plays a key role in the international seafood market. In 2015, seafood exports from Norway totalled NOK 74.5 billion, making Norway the largest seafood exporter in the world. That same year, the export value of Norwegian mackerel was NOK 3.8 billion.

We’re also Europe’s largest marketplace for the first-hand sales of pelagic species. The market is owned and operated by Norwegian fishermen, which ensures they secure a fair price at e-auction. 

Exporting our fish isn’t just about the economy. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we want to ensure that our children (and their children!) can enjoy the same delicious seafood that we do. By exporting our fish around the world, we are demonstrating the benefits of regulation and quotas, and proving that businesses can be successful with sustainability at their core. As customers in emerging markets learn more about the importance of fishing in a sustainable manner, demand for conscientious producers only increases.

Mackerel sandwich